Dede Damati Shows Off Her Bikini Bod

· July 9, 2013

Model Dede Damati shows off her Summer bikini body..

Twitter: @dede_onthebeach
IG: dede_onthebeach
Hometown: Miami, FL

Via LebronJames

1.Three favorite brands of clothes right now?
Giuseppe Zanotti, Versace, Zara

2.Which one would you rather attend? Football, baseball or basketball game?
I’m not big on sports but I would have to say Basketball because it seems the livest!

3.Three songs that’s getting the most rotation right now?
Juicy J ft. The Weeknd – “One Of Those Nights,” Wale – “Bad” and Chief Keef – “Finally Rich”

4. Who do you think has the most style right now?
Being a stylist, I would have to say Kim and Kanye.

5. Careerwise, what are you currently involved in? What can we expect from you in the remainder of 2013?
I’m working on so many projects right now between modeling and styling! You can expect nothing less than greatness!

Dede Damati z91qfy7xzo1_500 Dede Damati F1qfy7xzo1_1280


Cassiie Melinda (center)  Dede Damati 

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Discussion12 Comments

  1. yeah,and another one

  2. mr leftfoot says:

    I’d smash

  3. RED(The Corp *Best In The World*) says:

    Bonus pic

    Yeah all three of em


  4. Big ALbert says:


  5. President Ward says:


  6. queso (The Corp) says:

    Hell yea son..this my type of chicken right here kid ..lets get it!

  7. Old Skool Quote says:

    That middle bonus look just like a heart!!

  8. tHe kiD fRanKiE says:

    Hello B!tch!
    -jay voice

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