Joe Budden’s ex girlfriend Dazzle Jay disappeared on us for a while and now she’s back.

Via Rasheed

  • 206dee

    Babe got some butter back there

  • Mister Mister

    Waaaay better than Kaylin, got damn. That 4th pic down, with the leggings on? Lawd have mercy

    And possibly Tahiry as well

  • Megacorp hottie. Dazzle is top5 easily. We need more consistent material from her tho. @rasheed, bring back that megacorp vs teamchocolate post fam. Make sure u add dazzle J to our roster too.

    • trap101 (the corp North)

      WHat post is that @Bstrizzy?

  • Realtalkin

    The 4th and 7th pic are winners

  • dagreatpasquale

    and her new name is @sharigem

  • 1.Kaylin
    2.Esther Baxter(in her prime)
    3.Tahiry(minus the herpes rumors)
    4.Yaris Sanchez
    5.Dazzle Jay

    Joe has had some fine ass chicks,but kaylin..she’s different than the rest. got her teeth fixed so yeah,numero uno she is.

  • Smoov

    Her Body Mean!!!! You can see that ass from the front!

    But She doesn’t look any diffrent form the Domincan girl or Colombian I seen on the Resorts.

  • Larcen

    She been one of my favs