David Blaine impales himself with an ice pick in front of Kanye West, Will Smith, and Bryan Cranston

· November 20, 2013

David Blaine ‘Real or Magic’ Knife through hand Trick with Kanye West Will Smith and Jada Smith. Are David Blaine’s magic tricks real? Can they be done anywhere? Those are the questions Blaine is addressing in his upcoming 90-minute special, David Blaine: Real or Magic, which EW has learned exclusively will premiere Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.

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  1. NoWHiteInMyCup says:

    Shit crazy

  2. M0311 says:

    Dayum, what’s up with that corny ass laugh of Kanye’s? Sounds like a chipmunk.

  3. jamarxyz says:

    phuck magicians,fortune tellers,and anything that has to do with deceptions and illusions…it’s the devils BS…if anybody wants to read your palm,hypnotize you,or any magical bs,get the phuck away from them.

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