Darry Valentino Facetime

· July 18, 2013


Today’s facetime model Darry Valentino, is 24 year old dreamer from Philly. Are you feeling her?


Darry Valentino 2g1ao1_1280


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Discussion9 Comments

  1. President Ward says:

    Too much makeup.

  2. MalleG'z says:


  3. miller says:

    lil heavy on the makeup but other than that she is very pretty

  4. miller says:

    she has a lovely skin complexion

  5. Big ALbert says:

    She bad as hell.

  6. Newyorkvixen says:

    Fake ass lips

  7. Afrika says:

    Mxm Regardlessssss, know if she came knocking on your door asking for some sugar youl be willing to offer more than that ,i’d smash that.

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