Even though she’s a republican she’s still family…but you should here the family convos Stacey dash

Trying to tell @ava_dash that those eyes and hair come from my side if the family

On Boogies B’day/Thanksgiving.

  • Mo

    They all look great!!

  • Ice

    I feel bad for him. He has a delusional black Republican in the family.

  • MoorThugRelated

    Yo I thought ppl just said they were related. How you got not one but two rich & famous ppl in the family?

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    fcuk stacy she only fcuk with niggaz on tv

  • Cakes(overtime)

    Stacy was cute in Clueless but she started looking horse-ish to me..

  • bloggettee

    I was half expecting a Paul Ryan cameo …

  • Afrika

    Truly speaking Dame should be happier than he’s home boy I mean he had much time to make a single unit family that big, he should never feel alone,money is and will always be the issue but f*&k that man.