Cubana Lust Turning Up In The Club

· March 25, 2013

Cubana Lust hit the night club over the weekend. Check out the pictures inside.She had ole girl in the finishing move. She would of had some of y’all outta their in 5 pumps lol.


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  1. presto 2.5 says:

    5 pumps my azz…maybe after 30 minutes of head…

    if yall niccas only make’n it 5 pumps in ANY bad broad…you need to retire…lol

    only a TC nicca would do something so unheard of…

  2. stanb says:

    cubana in my top 5 dead or alive lol

  3. I’d give her at least 10-15 pumps @presto lmao!! A chick like Cubana wit a big ol azz & hips make it hard to give her backshots lol. I would have to use the “don’t look down” method when smashing cubana. Damn she’s thick!!

  4. Queso (The Corp) says:

    Lmfao DONT LOOK DOWN DONT LOOK DOWN…. Shi# that feeling alone of all that azz bouncing off u is gonna be a killa

  5. moor says:

    Damn I can’t believe the Bp secrets are finally being revealed, by none other then Bp! Over here Ain’t no pulling out or switchin positions.

    #TC Mandingo warriers go straight down the middle til a chicks stomach is flat on the bed or she done tapped out. Which ever comes first. Cubana would be no different.

  6. President Ward says:

    @Playboy only 4 ft. 11 in inches. So he’s getting pumps to his forehead.

  7. 4th best lower body behind maliah,kyra,and bria. 35 minute session and i’m goooooone

  8. President Ward says:

    30 pumps. Look, no hands

  9. lazarus says:

    LOL, jus off the convo. Ya’ll niccas is stupid.
    Cubana would fold some of ya’ll mere mortals quick. tappin out. LOL

    I’ll hav Cubana makin omelletes in tha mornin. I’m from Ohio. WE represent the BIG TEN. Word. This chik be on some Gregory Isaacs. LOL

  10. Scog says:

    DAMN…. Pounding Her Azz!!!!!!

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