Cubana Lust & Ms. Lastarya In The Kitchen

· October 25, 2009

Exclusive WSHH Cubana Lust & Ms. Lastarya video doing what they do best.

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  1. nupedingo says:

    Ok…. this is the best video post I have ever seen on I actually saw this video this morning after CHURCH. I felt bad for the thoughts that ran through my head but hey… you see it. And Cubana almost stole the show from Lastarya but she is just so STACKED… nobody can compare. Question, has anyone seen anything from Sexy Solei lately? Kels says it best…. NUMBER 1!

  2. G says:

    Wow one of the best dynamic dou videos thus far

  3. Reek says:

    It dont get no betta

  4. Freddie_Pville says:

    I found this site googling Ms.Lastarya,I am loving this site as much as watching her ass

  5. tino says:


  6. Cedy Ced says:

    Thank you! That video is crazy!

  7. NYNY says:


  8. Ice says:

    Good Lord!!!

    Now that is what I call “thick”!

    Damn Lastarya….

  9. Mo says:

    yes yes yes

  10. Lone_Ranger says:

    20 star post. 5 for each booty cheek.

  11. L Beeazy says:

    :) video woke me up like a grande sz cup of coffee @ starbucks :)

  12. dabricks says:

    I dont know if cubana stole the show or lastarya fell back or hell maybe the camera man is related to cubana but she won this one. She almost pulled a boston until Lastarya threw her legs back over her head.. (just to let her cubana know thats she still queen B)

  13. cuntreeboi says:

    Fo cheeks… I’d dam shonuff beat!!! Can I get witness!

  14. Nuttyboy says:

    Where is my nigga Larry flint when you need him? Someone offer these bitches some money to make a sextape or something. Lastarya’ass got its own mind. Damn

  15. lilbuck says:

    Now dat a bad b….

  16. zone 6 says:

    Ya Lastarya was 2 worried about Cubana and what she was doing instead of just going HAM

  17. Hot shit here! Damn double booty bangers.

  18. 4REAL says:


  19. mandingo says:

    they both can sit on my face and hit me wit a wet towel

  20. laker1 says:


  21. BIG JIM says:

    Minaj Fantasy!

  22. NupeNation says:

    LaStarya hands down, Cubana have to do all that extra work to keep up…

  23. Camp317 says:

    Yo, that zshare link not workin. Jezuzzzzzzzzz I neva seen nuthin like dat shiit

  24. mmaine30 says:

    They would think I invented sex…. Really….

  25. Pretty Boi says:

    Cubana Lust is thicker and prettier. But Ms.Lastarya’s ass is fatter and she know wat 2 do wit it.

  26. weezyiswayne609 says:

    you already know

  27. ricky ricardo says:

    C’on no contest. Ms Lastarya by a mile. And if you look close she’s actually a good looking gal. She just happens to have an unbelievable body. The other one?? Not so much

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