Cubana Lust & Maurshann Rene been in the A for a week now and came back to Kamal’s 21 one last night before the left the city. If you didn’t see the pictures from the 1st time you can see them here & the video here. Shouts out to Ju Ju

“Hammers for niccas trying to rush,
Play me like a ass,
I’ll make it clap like Cubana Lust” Lloyd Banks “Always Made It” freestyleusershare

  • ATLMike

    Real talk, both these chicks is fat. Bring back LaStarya n Cuban…matter of fact just bring back LaStarya.

  • Nz8

    ATLMike do you mean phat?

  • melloluver

    ‘fat’ for Cubana and ‘phat’ for maurshann…I’m smashing Maurshann, never really felt cubana.




    Real talk these are some ugly chicks man they get play cus of they bodies but they faces dont match their bodies at all!


    I’m Smashing both of em…Yall trippin!!

  • yea like the homie BIG VON said these chicks are hella hideous plus they od fat

  • I’m Smashing both of em…Yall trippin!!

  • Polo

    Yea lik Von said…n u put clothes on dem they look beasty! Only thing goin is that thong! Cause there face is to made up (2muc make-up)
    Oh don’t get me wrong I’m bangin both…just not goin home to meet mama dukes! Lol

  • Jay

    Real Talk: The face makes you fall in love and the body keeps you there. With that said, I aint in love with neither and I damn sure aint stayin. But Im definitely one nightin both!

  • Yall gotta raise your standards man thats why fat ugly chicks be walking around like they top ten when they really your everyday basic bottom bitch….its toooo many big booties out here to treat these beast like prizes cus of they waist to ass ratio!

  • rlpryce85

    Cubana is 1 of da best in da game