Cubana Lust Homegrown Pics

· October 26, 2009



Some real low budget Cubana Lust homegrown pictures.


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  1. Nuttyboy says:

    Let’s raise some money for this chick to make a sex tape, who’s with me? lol

  2. Xenos says:

    I’ll put 5 on it lol. Am not usually into model chicks but I must say this girl bad, low budget or not.

  3. gphi says:

    Low-budget pics or not, they’re still tight. PEACE!!!

  4. Swanny30 says:

    I like the homegrown pics. There is nothing fake about them. I like authenticity in the pictures. If they were studio pics they would be airbrushed and nobody’s body is that perfect.

  5. PLAYA says:


  6. edog says:

    This is for Cubana Lust, can you please leave the model thing alone and go do porn please. This is your time and takes advantage of it when you still got da juicy ass. Love you ma.

  7. Nuttyboy says:

    I’m with you edog…she needs to take advantage of it cause a lot of motherfuckas like me will pay top dollars.
    @PLAYA…We need to start a Petition or something bro.

  8. laker1 says:


  9. nupedingo says:

    Porn is calling this woman. She is Top 5 fo sho.

  10. Jaypream says:

    We should recommend her to west coast production or Pinky or something cuz she’s bulit for porn. She could still do her stripping thing on the side too like these other chicks.

  11. Nuttyboy says:

    @Admin, You need to holla at her cause she’s losing money as we speak.

  12. Pretty Boi says:

    Lol yall crazy. But yea she badd.ONe of the closest things to perfection

  13. mandingo says:

    hell I’m wit all yall on the porn tip. she needs to listen to her fans. let the dingo give her shot. I promise I’ll make her a superstar wit all the nutt that I have for her. I can’t believe that ni%%a who shot that movie wit her wasted a goo azz back shot then had the nerve to put it on the net.

  14. 901 Gangsta says:


  15. bighomie53 says:

    DAMN that girl ASS so FAT & she real cute too! Them lips be lookin so good. But DAMN that ASS!!! SMASH SMASH SMASH

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