23 year old Edith Casas has done something that seems crazy and unorthodox . On Valentines day Casas and her sisters killer Victor Cingolani, tied the knot just two years after her twin Johana was murdered and Victor being convicted to a 13 year prison term. The newly wed couple are both claiming his innocence and already have plans on filing an appeal. As for the brides family they attempted to block the wedding but were denied by a judge leaving the mother of course upset and confused by her daughters actions.

“I’ve always said that she is threatened by the Cingolani family; I’m afraid that something might happen to her because he is a killer and a manipulator,”

Victor Cingolani was taken back to prison as soon as the the couple said I do, leaving his wife to wait out an angry crowd who gathered outside the civil registry where the wedding had taken place.

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