Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Vado for an exclusive interview.

Vado talks about why he feels he wouldn’t belong in a Supergroup with Lloyd Banks, Juelz Santana and Fabolous, “I Didn’t Even Get My Feet Wet…I Don’t Really Belong In The Group To Be Honest”.

He also confirms signing with ‘We The Best’. Do you think their super group could bring NYC back?

  • It’s recession niggas better team up

  • Man these old niggas aren’t relevant anymore. Leave it to the young boys.

    • G

      “Beamers, Benz, Bentleys” was a banger, and Fab’s Soul Tape series is the truth.

    • Big ALbert GTFOH these niccas are bunch of has-beens and glorified weed carriers.

    • jamar

      @Fdat…young boys dont even have a future.

  • Fab and Banks = Super Duo

  • Fab don’t need a group

  • The question should be when was New York ever on???!

    • Playboy69

      @The Show….U MUST BE RETARDED!…LMAO!

      • MoorFedayeen

        ^^^^This N1gga trolling HARD. Next he gonna be asking was the west coast ever on.

      • Queso (The Corp)

        @playboy exactly

  • MoorFedayeen

    Teams are played and gay. Vado coming with heat. Its all up to the DJs point blank or cats won’t hear it no matter how hot it is. Invest in satellite radio. Its worth it.

  • jamar

    we need a whole new music industry…and what do you rap about when your audience is mentally dead.

  • I remember when rap was really good. It has taken a nose dive over the years and it has taken the youth with it. As long as rap is directed at “street cred” guns, drugs, shooting African American young men and police and dragging women, why would any area (state, city) want to claim it.

  • edo

    These Dudes Is Washed………………More rappers than listeners these days, a whole new music industry is needed