All sh*t hit the fan during the early taping of the “Love & Hip-Hop” reunion show. Rappers Consequence and Joe Budden got into an altercation at the reunion show. Consequence smacked Budden in the face was he headed out for a cigarette break with his ex-girlfriend and cast mate Tahiry. While Joe was the one who was first struck, it was Tahiry who defended the honor of her ex. According to Joe Budden’s Twitter account, Consequence ran up behind him and hit him. Before Joe could retaliate, Tahiry was hitting Consequence.

“Just Smacked The SH*T outta @JoeBudden at the #LHHReunion Everybody have a Nice Day…. #QueensAllDay,” Cons tweeted March 12th. (Consequence’s Twitter)

Budden Replies

“During break Tahiry & I were headed outside to smoke.. Dude came behind, jumped & hit me as I’m walking away, Tahiry snuffs him, he runs…..,” Joe tweeted.

“@iMalRay I got a bunch of security n*ggas standing outside my door so I can’t move.. He knows what time it is when I get outta here.” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)


  • Queso (The Corp)

    Lmao these niccas smh

    • Realtalkin

      lmao im straight laughin

  • wolfpack

    joe budden fu*king lost.

  • Truth

    I dont think Joe said anything negative about Cons after that incident so this must’ve happened purely off Cons getting emotional about everyone clowning him on the previous incident.

  • lazarus

    It’s like high school mayne an not in a good way. Meanwhile my HEAT bout to drop 19 straight on’em.

  • Beasley

    …If Tahiry Snuff’d Con…Thats A L On The Real

    • Mister Mister

      She still love that dude, especially if she not hesitating to hit another man over him.

      Cons pulled a puzzy move though

  • bighomie53

    If Cons stole on Joe from the back while he was walking away that’s a b!tch move!!!!!!!

    If it’s a problem or if there’s beef just square up one on one & see what it do,, unless you one of them scary a$$ coward n!gg@s!!!!! #WP

  • dagreatpasquale

    Great. Now Tahiry is gonna fall even deeper for Joe outta sympathy. Nice going Dexter! My dream is over…

  • ginoBrown

    I swear both of these dudes act like they have periods or something, 2 grown a** people over 30 doing childish things and then running 2 talk about it on twitter…smh

  • Zero lite 30

    Can y’all give the people the update of what happened next? Cons gets the beats and tells police.