Common, James Harden & Pilar Sanders Up In The Club

· January 21, 2013


One thing you can guarantee is that Pilar isn’t going to cancel her gym member ship any time soon. Check her out hosting Winston’s Supperclub with James Harden. Common was also in the building and took advantage of a photo opp.


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Discussion4 Comments

  1. RasheedLateef says:

    oh yes..i’d slice that cantaloupe with her crazy ass

  2. 1luv says:

    I learned not to mess with those crazy girls. On to the next one.

  3. doubleo7 says:

    Pilar is on the prowl, brothers better keep your jimmy hats on…Damn she’s fine..

  4. crabapples says:

    sexy got nothing to do with sanity.  Pilar is the MILF of the century.

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