San Diego’s own Cocaine Lorraine comes through with these new shots and a mini video clip. The 3rd picture alone is a nominee for photo of the year by itself. What do you make of her?


Props Playboy69

  • queso (The Corp)

    @Hahz my G idk bout photo of the yr but she definitely hot no doubt.

    • Yeah she’s nice. Today is mgc day on ans!!

      Ms banks….now Lorraine!!

      #mgc….we really cant lose

      • queso (The Corp)


        • presto 2.5


          @Moor we smell you nicca…


          • MoorDetroitRed

            She so bad, today I’m gonna call a truce. Troops, stand down.

            *Tosses @Prest an ice cold beer*

          • Playboy69

            @moor…” 1980 Rick James Voice” Cocaine is one Hell of a drug….LOL!

      • mr leftfoot

        ever ever ever

    • REX!!!

      Naw.,..yall can keep this one,im good

  • fucc she’s so hot..the freckles though>>>> too bad she never shows ANS love though haha

    • That’s cuz @moor clown azz be stalking her!!

      TC niggas r clowns

      • i guess haha,beacoup people lurk here though haha we need like,a demographic or something because i’m curious haha

      • presto 2.5

        thirstyazz nicca scare’n all the broads away….

        Nicca be “Jack in a box’n” wit no invite…dude be loitering in the parking lot talk’n bout…”This is public property…yall cant tell me to leave”…lol

  • miller

    she pretty but dont think she is all that photogenic she looks to much like willow smith in pics but havin just seen her video looks way better

  • cadillacgrease of CorpTx

    bonus pick is outside my office window #MGC untouchables

  • Newyorkvixen

    Ehh she has that corny LA swagg about her , everybody tryna be everybody

    • MoorDetroitRed

      In the Instagram vid I got a lil of that too. With the versache rings like she Tyga or something or something. I don’t dig that too much. Hate hipster chicks.

      But I wonder where this girl would be on ANS had I not raised so much noise over her to begin with. I think that would have been her 1st & last post like so many others we see everyday.

  • RED(Corp)

    @Moor waving the white flag lmao

    • MoorDetroitRed

      U damn right. Savor the flavor cause its the 1st time ever. But she ain’t ordinary obviously