When Meek Mill dissed Cassidy with ‘Repo’ took shots at Cassidy’s Larsiny Family. Chubby Jag decides to jump in the studio and record this reponse to Meek called ‘Worst Nightmare’. This diss was better then Meek’s and Cassidy’s imo.

Download: Chubby Jag – Worst Nightmare (Meek Mill Diss)

  • DCAssLuva

    this nigga killed meek i must have replayed this like 15 times back too back 1 of the best diss tracks i heard in years

    cassidy 2pac meek “u not even on my level ill let my little homies handle u bad boy bitches feel me”


    “That shit gone go one way, G-Unit on gunplay” …favorite line. I agree this diss is bangin.

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  • NoWhiteInMyCup


  • MoorFedayeen

    Rule #1: Don’t slack or sleep on a hungry cat with nothing to lose. Ja learned that the heard way and never recovered.

    • ginoBrown

      @moor Fam I hope u ain’t comparing a dude named chubby jag to 50…

  • Lmurda

    nigga went hard as f@$#@. philly niggas put in work

  • Greg4422

    I didn’t find Cassidy’s diss , Meek’s repsonse, or this crap impressive at all.

    • ginoBrown

      The only one i found even kind of impressive was Meeks’ he spent a lil 2 much of the beginning bragging on himself but the parts where he was talking directly about Cass i felt he did a good job on…Cassidy’s was boring and he ain’t talk about Meek until the end and who the hell makes a “concept” diss record? the only one i ever like was the one 50 did about Game…and this dudes was average at best in my opinion.

  • mike

    thats what you call a diss!!!!