Christina Milian Shows Off Her New Haircut Dedicated to..

· August 12, 2014

Christina Milian showed off her new haircut dedicated to her new man Lil Wayne. She got TNT Shaved in the back of her head. It stands for Tacky N Thotish Tina N Tunechi.


christinamilian #LookBackAtIt #WeAintWorried #TNT #TinaTurnup & #POPFee @felisamirasol

christinamilian Live in the Moment. It’s your life.. TNT #weaintworried @christopherleneo & #tinaturnup


  • Black People

    Oh God!

  • SuperFLY

    lil wayne must’ve stuck his tongue down her coochie n tickled her brain bcuz she ben acting real turn’t up lately aftha she lefted jas prince n got wit wayne…..n he is the coochie monster so im not surprised…

  • BnBHP


  • Simba

    her ass looking cute

  • joe

    —–These hoes——smh

  • MGC infaRED


  • http://Y Mel

    Money does not make you smart …..

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Pregnancy announcement in 5, 4, 3…

    • JRT


  • BzB

    their fling will probably be over before her hair grows back.

  • Mister Mister

    She’s trying to score her next payday, first The Dream now Wayne

  • 828jeffe

    and to think The Dream married her lol