Chris Paul’s preference is to stay with the Clippers but he wants them to hire an African-American coach, according to multiple league sources. The Clips’ best bet for keeping Paul with a long-term deal might be to hire Nate McMillan, who can have the Pistons job and any number of bad-to-so-so jobs that are out there, as the replacement for Vinny Del Negro, whose current contract is expiring and is not getting a new deal.

In any case, a league source says Paul will check out other teams, as Howard is expected to do. If Paul leaves, it could could pose a problem for the Lakers, who had enough already, if he and Dwight Howard decide to create a new option, joining up in Atlanta. Howard and Paul are pals. The Hawks can open up two maximum slots. They mused about Atlanta (D12’s from there, CP3 from North Carolina) years ago, before fate led them in other directions.

  • Dam right CP3..Black Power!! If you can’t stand up for your own people (Like all the other races do) Then you a spineless coward.

    • too_funny

      @slug … true but if we don’t OWN a team he is reaching but I do applaud his stance.

      • @toofunny. He is top 3 best PGs in the league, he not reaching @ all. Follow his demands or he bounces..It’s simple. But yea all I’m doing is applauding his stance as a black man.

        • too_funny

          @slug … true he is top 3 point guard in the league but he doesn’t carry the weight of Kobe or Lebron.

          Chris better stay in LA or risk going back to a small market team. LA is sky’s the limit for him from a marketing and publicity standpoint to get the recognition he deserves and the owners know that’s their ace in the back pocket.

          Step Curry didn’t get the All Star nod bc he play’s on the west coast for Golden State, but if he played for either LA team theirs no doubt he would’ve been an all star this year.

          • Fam I feel you, but if you are a top player in the league, it don’t matter where u play. Case and point Durantula. Team doesn’t make the player, the player makes the team.

          • bob

            That is not an excuse for not making the all star game. David Lee plays for Golden State and he was an all star this year. It doesn’t matter if the team is popular or not, if the player is great. He will play in the game.

        • Cw

          He’s a typical uneducated ball player. Not that it matter but white coaches win the most championships. Open a book & read.

    • REX!!!

      Wonder if he would keep that stance if PHIL JACKSON said he wanna coach the clippers?????????hmmmm???????

  • presto 2.5

    Mike Brown?

    Winston Salem Standup

    • Murder

      He’s back in Cleveland McMillan would be a good choice s**t give B Shaw a shot

  • MoorFeen4Lorraine

    Start your own league then. These ppl aren’t gonna hand the league they own over to you.

    • jamarxyz

      that sounds good ,but would the big name stars break away from their master.

      • too_funny

        HELL NO … and only bc they have that “I need them” mentality to succeed.

        • MoorFeen4Lorraine

          More like “I need that money right now”. Another league would take decades to build and I’m sure the NBA would do all within their power to stop it. Its just a dream.

          • too_funny

            @moor … your right but who’s paying to see all whites on the court…. nicca’s was packing gyms for pickup games to see the likes of Lebron, wade, and other NBA stars.

            You could never have Replacement players in the NBA unlike Football.

  • jamarxyz

    the knicks got a black coach…get dwight and come on down…dump chandler,and jr.

  • Big ALbert

    CP3: I want A NEGRO not DEL NEGRO!

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    i feel him and all but black coach dont really mean shiiit in the NBA, the league has had black coaches for years, we need more black owners.

    Second hate to burst bubbles, but DHOWARD does not want to come back to atlanta, already said that. Plus two GEORGIA charges state taxes.

    Best places for them both to slide would be HOUSTON or my old orlando MAGIC , even though the magic too dumb to make a play for them both