Zero fu*ks were given from Chris Brown when it was time to stand up and congratulate Frank Ocean on his Grammy win for the Grammy in the best Urban Contemporary category.

  • smokersan

    dat nigga salty

  • prettymanny

    Good for Chris!

  • Purple

    F@ck Fag Ocean. Breezy the man hahaha

  • Bam6475


  • TheTruth

    why does he have to stand up for. the nigga frank try to sue chris brown the other day you niggas thats calling chris salty are haters

  • Camaro434

    Chris and Rihanna, the new Bobby and Whitney. Money and ignorance.

  • ginoBrown

    Who in their right mind actually expected him 2 stand?

  • Greg4422

    I agree with Chris, that punk ass nigga tried to get him cased up.