Cheif Keef is leading the rap game in one category.. the number of arrests in one month..

The 17-year old, real name Keith Cozart aka Cheif Keef was arrested again today according to the Chicago Tribune.

Keef had just pleaded guilty to speeding last month on the Edens Expressway in Northfield, Illinois. He was clocked going 110 mph in a 55 mph zone..

You think you’re invincible, and you’re certainly not,” Cook County Circuit Court Judge Earl Hoffenberg told him in court this morning. “Violate (conditions of the plea agreement) and you’ll find out you’re not. I sure hope I don’t see you again, because if I do you better be ready to go to jail. If I were you, I wouldn’t take this deal if you can’t follow these conditions, I’m really not sympathetic to people who don’t listen to me.

The judge fined the rapper $531, put him on probation for 18 months, ordered him perform 60 hours community service, and undergo random drug testing. He must also complete eight hours of traffic school.

Minutes after leaving the courthouse, Keef was stopped by Chicago police and placed under arrest again. His attorney Leah Starkman said her client was picked up for misdemeanor trespassing. Starkman said police had taken Keef to the the Grand Crossing District station.

This is Keef’s third arrest since May 20th.


  • Cakes(what we doin’)

    Chief Keef you were blessed with an opportunity that alot of people would kill for! Stop fng it up and making ish harder for yourself ugh so annoying i just want to wring his ears…

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    Blah these all minor arrest, nicca aint doing no real time and im sorry but i dont give too much symopothy to lil nicca because he wants to act grown and continiously fcuks up , then so be it, this nicca stupid and contrary to what many believe aint even really living that Thug lifestyle.

    This nicca down in miami living it up he barely goes to chi town like that aint dowining the nicca but at the same time aint hyping his apparent publicity stunts to keep his name hot.

  • Reme

    ChiRaq Police must not have anything better to do.. Chief needs to hire a driver and stay in the cut…

    • +1, I definitely think they were following him out the courthouse. He probably just parked his car somewhere he wasn’t supposed to….goofiness

  • Jae_Mac

    God damn man again? Wtf! Stupid retarded a** boy.

  • Sadiki Akil

    Folks are forgetting he is only 17 years old.So yeah he is still a boy.So he is going to act like one.He is going to do stuff like laughing at another young black man getting killed because he doesn’t see the real value of life and he is going to do another stupid chit.Blame the adults around him that won’t put him in check.Peace!

  • Yeahisaidit

    This lil dude has some talent well kinda he occasionally makes some songs i can see people listening to not me but younger cats. He doesnt have lyrics but he does have a GREAT producer and i mean GREAT producer who has MELODY to make his TALKING not rapping sound better than it actually is. ANYWAY he does have street cred and thats what people want from him but he is only a teenager lol how much does he know about life lol! I EXPECT THIS FROM HIM CUZ HE JUST TOO YOUNG TO KNOW BETTER BUT HE BETTER LEARN QUICK CAUSE THESE CRACKERS LOVE LOCKING UP YOUNG BOYS LIKE THIS BELIEVE ME! MY THANG IS ALL THIS GUN TALK INFLUENCES THESE YOUNG BOYS BOBING THEIR HEADS AND THEY THINK STUFF HE SAYING IS REAL LOL HE AINT KILLED NOBODY OR SHOT NO ONE COME ON AND HE WEIGH LIKE A BUCK 70 at best LOL HE BETTER GET A GUN CAUSE HE GONE GET EMBARASSED IF HE TALKING THAT TOUGH ISH TO The WRONG MAN! F THIS PARAGRAPH KEY TO THE GAME IS KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND KEEP IT MOVING. PEACE