Lil Marc, a local Chicago rapper, was identified as a person shot and killed on Friday. A number of people tweeted about his death, saying “RIP.”

According to online postings, Lil Marc–born Marc Campbell–was part of the Young Money 051 group.

The 20-year-old was shot and killed just days after releasing the “No Competition” video on YouTube.  Some commenters indicated that he insulted several dead members of a rival gang. “Diss like 10 dead gang members in one ‘song’, be in lame set, die after all that, and your mans still wondering y u dead… No disrespet to dead cause im not with that stupid [expletive] but u see u must be smart and dont get in [expletive]…Now u got 2 brothers killed on bus stop, coincidene? I think not,” the user wrote.

Reports indicate that he was killed in front of a bus stop on Friday afternoon. Images posted on Twitter show what appeared to be his body on the ground amid broken glass. reported that police are investigating his death. He was killed in the 300 block of East 51st Street.

He was pronounced dead on the scene.

On YouTube, Lil Marc’s videos generated tens of thousands of hits.

After his death, a number of people tweeted about it.

“Lil Marc was always Out Here! Never put Up,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“After I see my cousin lil marc for the last time I’m deleting all my social networks &. His,” said another.

  • lokey

    this guy got setup by his own guys if u ask me. the f*** was he waiting for out there for by himself? if it was someone from 300. whoever did this came into their neighborhood and killed him. f*** if i know tho. s*** crazy.

  • P$

    R.I.P. Way to young.

    The streets have no forgiveness anymore.

  • 1018

    Now it really looks hopeless, politicians & lawmakers just dont care anymore about what happens in Chicago.

    • It’s not as bad as u may think son. If u a dude who ain’t out here bopping with these lil niggas, Chicago is safe as any place else

      • MoorThugRelated

        Last time I was there I felt the same way. Now my city on the other hand, Idk

  • Kingme

    Lil Reese really don’t play around that dude is a savage in the worst way possible. All that s*** he’s doing in the streets is gonna catch up with him.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      lil reese aint doing sh!t niether is cheif keef , they are the spokes persons for their crew.

      LIL reese punched that girll in that video like a lil biitch and cheif keef probably was in the house looking out the blinds, yall need to stop confusing rappers that hang with street niggaz compared to actual street niggaz.

      • tHe kiD fRanKiE


  • ScapSon

    Chicago ain’t no where near as bad as it use to be. Politicians never cared. We went from 1000 murders in the 90s to 300-400 these days. Its just the news cover the shit more for views. And yall don’t what 300 means. Lil Reese is a street nigga. Chicago not like yall cities. You can’t just talk about some shit you ain’t about.

    • Big B

      L.A.’s the same way. All these cats here in the South call each other cuzz. In L.A. if you call somebody cuzz you a crip or you asking somebody if they bang. Saw several aggins get checked for talkin cuzz but not from a set.

  • MoorThugRelated

    LOL one less dumb nigga. They off each other and society wins. What was he gonna do to contribute to the race? Exactly

    • Hmph

      You don’t sound that bright either. When are you going to drop off?

      • MoorThugRelated

        B1tch I’m plenty bright you whore. How bout you drop off these nuts.

  • 046woodlawn

    F*** lil Marc he was a killer and finally got killed they killed my brother in 2011 so what goes around comes around rip TonyTown f*** lil Marc n fathead dead ass on bd king David