Check out Cherries, Sweet Lea & Climax dancing in Atlanta’s Kamal’s 21 gentleman’s club. NSFW Video Link

Who stole the show??


Cherries Twitter: @miss_von_jones
Climax’s Twitter: @se*yclimax
Sweet Lea’s Twitter: @iAmSweetLeaLea




  • Playboy69


  • saw this ten minutes ago. i’ll keep my eye out for climax. all of them could get fed.

    • Playboy69

      @rasheed… PREACH!…Climax is thick like TURKEY LEGS!…LMAO

      • yeah man. giving her some stripper love.

        *sheed outside team fairytales villa* “if you want sheed to smash climax,give me a hell yeah!”

        • Playboy69


          • lazarus

            @Sheed Lmbao. Laz pulls @Sheed to the side. “Fam, what would Star say bout this, you know she got gumbo at the crib waitin on you.” Laz impersonates security guard” I’m jus here to take photo evidence of the break-in”. LOL

  • MoorFedayeen

    Its a rachet affair. Did one of them broads have a herpe bump on her lip?

    • 850

      @Moore? Herpes,bump? Well pimp I wasn’t looking @ all that. I’m looking at some ass.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Well my nicca u should be lookin. “I wasn’t looking at all that” Now its a few days later and you got an itch that just won’t go away.

        • presto 2.5

          LMFAO @Moor!!!!!!!!

          “Thats why that nicca walkin around wit that blister on his top lip!”

          **@850 tries to give prest dap**

          **Prest gives pound…then uses hand sanitizer afterwards…directly afterwards**..lmao!

      • Playboy69

        @850…who u got?

  • DCAssLuva

    climax 1 of my fav strippas in the game ill make a trip too atl for her but im tired of that lea lea chick cant fuckk wit the fake cheeks

    but that was 1 of the greatest wshh vids i ever seen i need the cam on climax ass the whole time lol

  • DCAssLuva

    i was like ite man put the cam back on climax cherries phat too atleast her azz real but that lea lea bittch wshh dont care if the ass fake or not they gonna put u on there she got like 12 wshh vids

  • Realtalkin

    yep, they all cud get it but climax and cherries got my pick

  • tyuaza

    I saw this yesterday

  • lazarus

    Climax, Smh. I jus want to SEE Lea in person. I need to know. LOL The Big Three damnit.

  • Pceezy

    Stood up and applaud at 2:21!!


  • wobeli

    Slow mo trifecta!!! Play…repeat