Check Out Miami Heat President Pat Riley New $11.75-million Miami Beach Penthouse

· September 18, 2012

Miami Heat President Pat Riley has settled into his new $11.75-million penthouse high above Miami Beach. Riley sold his Coral Gables mansion earlier this year for $16.75 million according to Gossipextra.

And Miami-Dade County docu*ents show the 67-year-old new crib has 10-foot ceilings, a 180-degree views of the bay, port and ocean. And it’s got some of the largest terraces in Miami Beach. And it’s steps away from the coach’s favorite hangout, Joe’s Stone Crab”

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  1. queso BP.1 says:

    AY YO that shi# is bananas!!!!!!! thats some real pimp shi# right there..loviin it!

  2. Voice_of_Reason says:


  3. lazarus says:

    After-party spot for the second ring-for-the-king? LMBAO, ya’ll better get used to it. Heat Dynasty on the way.

  4. Pceezy says:

    ,,,,,not really why I be hating on Lebron the way I do but hey it’s sports,,, the only thing where hating get a pass,,,, but pat Riley always cool

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