Che Is Tatted Up With A Donk (Pics + Video)

· May 4, 2011

When you 1st see Che Mack two of the 1st things you will notice is she is tat tat tatted up with a donk. Am I lying?

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  2. Juwellz says:

    Thats ugly

  3. Vinny Vegas says:


  4. bob says:

    she got a phat ass to me

    • jfizzle says:

      @bob, I agree with you homey. She look like Keisha Cole pre-dental work, with smaller titties and a bigger booty. Them tats is a turnoff but I would bend that booty over.

  5. ThatDude says:


  6. PLAYA says:


  7. JDUB says:


  8. Tim says:

    Body is Grade A, but the face is Grade F!

  9. Tiga says:

    her face is busted

  10. seanjohn100 says:

    yuck @ everything besides her ass

  11. Sohated313 says:

    Her face looks a little hard. The body is on point, but the tatts are a total turn off. Way over done

  12. T-Fleezee says:

    She’s popped in the face but that ass is phat. I’d go.

  13. Reef215 says:

    Yall niggas trippin Che a bad b1tch…..

    ok….ok…i’ll admit to being a homer. I only bigging her up cuz she from Philly. :(

    • Chris says:

      Imma have to cosign on this one. Plus word is da box is da truth. Count me in.

      • cease says:

        you mean her head is the truth

        • ATL Tony Money says:

          nawl he mean da box is the truth. I heard the same thing plus i seen shawty in person and these pics do her no justice. i was at the dub car show and saw her and that bitch fine as fuck nigga she had a whole crowd around her taking pics and the body is dead on point.

          • Mo-Z said that says:

            I believe you homey , you can tell she got some fire
            she not all that bad , I mean look how phat her azz is

  14. Listen says:

    Y’all boyz tripping. It aint like I’d be looking her in the eyes making love. The body is off the phuckin chain!

    • Mo-z said that says:

      My nigga!!! bro I had to come back and comment on her again , do you see her body in the green pants gotdamn!!!

  15. Fantasygirl says:

    Women shouldn’t have tattoos like rappers, that’s not very lady like. I don’t even like it on males to look like walking billboards.

  16. NAYOMI' says:

    I love Che Mack.
    She can do whatever she wants.
    She’s a trendsetter for sure.


    • No.1 says:

      Because we don’t like women with tats we are haters? Trendsetter, last time I checked tats have been around since forever!!!!Just never mind sweetie run along and let the men voice our opinion.

  17. ginoBrown says:

    The ass is rite,and the face is alrite. But i caint stand when females with beautiful bodies mess it up wit all those damn tattoos, dont get me wrong i think tattoos on a woman is sexy but not when the tats is that big, an damn sho not that many. Im sorry but that aint cute wen a bitch walking round tagged up like a public bathroom wall.

  18. blackandmild says:

    looking dirty 2 me too many tats

  19. uptownrae says:

    nice body but she only gettin over because she is liteskin her face and teeth are ugly!!!!!!!!!!

  20. mr.portcity says:

    I bet in her mind she is being outside box but not really cuz bother then the tats and sum what else she got…ram and keep moving

  21. byrdmanjr says:

    shawty got a fat ass..but all the tats take the beauty of the body way down.. nothing like hving a female laying on the bed and look at how pretty and smooth her skin is. the tats are like blemishes to me..what if u fukn her and she get pregnant? We all know that if u fuk a chic long enough u gonna eventually hit it raw. would u want ur childs mom to portray that image? to each his own.

  22. JoeBlack2k8 says:

    So THAT’S who that was @ the car show. I took a lot of pics and some video of that phat ass. Niiiice.

  23. t-tyme says:

    love the tatts,plus she got a phat ass, thumbs up!!!

  24. NupeNation says:

    Would do it for novelty!!!

  25. mobboss says:

    she got tatts , that aite, she got ass thats a plus, she got a pretty face, I holla at her..

  26. gphi says:

    She definitely has the “slim-sexy” thing going on, that’s jus’ way too much body ink for me. PEACE!!!

  27. Ant Dog says:


  28. JoeBlack2k8 says:

    Here’s the VERY amateur video from the DUB Car Show..

  29. JoeBlack2k8 says:

    yezzir – nothing like seeing that azz in motion :) Thanks for adding my vid to the article, Hahz!

  30. antbankz says:

    Looks like your regular ol’ Hood Hoe>

  31. NAYOMI' says:


  32. Quai-Quai_19 says:

    The worst!!!!!

  33. john Mitchell says:

    i love u Che.

  34. swift says:

    PIctures dont do you justice …. your beauty is timeless –

  35. satch says:

    fine mofo but back in the day she would be working in a circus

  36. Young Mecca says:

    I would f@ck her in a heart beat, beep!

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