On his website, he has posted a “Rant and Rave” video railing about Twitter and Facebook.

“Tweet is for losers. And what I mean by that, if you wake up in the morning and you’re worried about what I’m doing, you a damn idiot. You are a damn idiot. I don’t feel the need to put every thought that comes in my head out to the world. I don’t feel that. And I hope nobody wakes up in the morning and says let me follow Charles Barkley for the day.”

Even though “Rant and Rave” come with a Facebook tag he isn’t buying in.

“I’m not trying to keep up with people from my past. I’m running from them.”

Charles also spoke his mind about the NBA lockout..

Charles Barkley says he won’t take his TNT paycheck while the NBA remains in lockout mode, which could be good news for some charity.

“I don’t think it’s cool for me to take money I haven’t earned,” Barkley told ESPN 1000 in Chicago. “My decision is either going to be defer it or give it to charity.”

Barkley is among those who predict the NBA’s labor war ultimately will lead to canceling the entire season, which would mean he won’t be at the TNT desk with Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal.

“The problem I have is if these guys hold out all season, it’s going to be a lot of money,” Barkley told ESPN 1000. “That’s why I have to make that decision. I haven’t made the final decision.”

Barkley also backed David Stern, and said it’s important that the NBA’s commissioner is standing up for small-market teams that are losing money.

“That’s what this thing is about,” Barkley said. “They’re not going to let just the big markets dominate like they do in baseball.”

Do you agree with Charles Twitter rant?

  • Sunshine

    he is absolutly correct about twitter

  • Mr Miller

    Twitter is a breeding ground for ignorant narcissists

  • I agree 100% wit chuck,especially about Twitter. **barkley receives tweet from #teamchocolate**…”hey sir Charles we at #teamchocolate would love for u to be the first athlete to wear our “darkskinnys” skinny jeans”…**barkley retweets**..”hell Naw u guys are a bunch of sailors, and tell that fool @red Imma slap the hell outta him”…lmfao

    • A_Blunt_Of_Purp


    • too_funny

      @Bstrait…..lmao. “dark skinny’s” skinny jeans

  • Vinny Vegas

    Sir Charles is the realest

  • Poppichuloco

    I’ve been say this sh1t for the longest. It takes Sir Charles to put idiots on blast.

  • Barkley, only Charles Barkley could’ve said that the way that he said it. I feel him on that though. LOL. PEACE!!!

  • Southwest

    100% correct. When I think twitter and Facebook, the main connotation to me is gays and schoolgirls.

  • Playboy69

    I AGREE WITH HIM ABOUT TWITTER!…Twitter is for people who like to SNITCH ON THEMSELVES!…LMAO

  • Yeah he’s right about twitter, but wrong about the purpose of the lcokout. The only thing that has changed is that small market owners got a little more money. The more successful teams that know how to draft and put a proper roster together are still on top of the leauge. By the way, in case anyone hasn’t seen NBA on TNT lately, they are still only showing the top level teams and the clippers only because they have cp3. If you’re a bucks, rockets, or a T-wolves fan you still can’t see your team featured on TNT or NBATV because the fans don’t want to see the bottom level teams on national tv.