Charlamagne The God Talks Kanye West,The Rants,New Album & More

· June 18, 2013

While some aren’t big fans of Charlamagne one thing that continues to remain constant is that he speaks his mind and is usually on point. In his recent interview with Vlad Charlamagne weighed in on Kanye West & called him a walking contradiction.

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  1. Bob says:

    This the type of dude that need his own talk show. LOL.

  2. Cease says:

    Pretty much agreed with everything he said

  3. Tye_Law says:

    He’s actually telling the truth…”fake revolutionary for profit”

  4. plk says:

    Some of the realest talk I’ve heard from him…

  5. Lurker says:

    Nigga is using his corporate power to INVOKE thoughts like this, what the fu*k is Charlemagne doing? Niggas don’t know what the fu*k they want…. Regardless if he’s hypocritical or not he’s making songs with actual content instead of all this stupid shoot me up cocaince cycle music…… Jesus

    • Greg4422 says:

      Doesn’t matter if people don’t listen to his songs because of all these un-necessary comparisons to Jesus. F Kanye

  6. Truthteller says:

    @lurker I feel u…kanye can say watever he wants free country u can eithrr listen or not..charalamayne is a hater..he hates drake he hates future he hates kanye he hates kim kardashian…blah blah..he missing the point of the new slave concept jus cuz he chooses to sign wit def jam, nike,&etc doesnt mean hes not a new slave…the masses run the buisness so if he wants to be heard he has to go thru the masses an there gonna make billions on him

  7. brad says:

    Every Human being on earth is a walking contradiction so what else is new. Ye could easily toe the company line and make even more bread but I respect the fact that he put himself in the position to do things on his own terms. Started out at the bottom end of the Rocafella totem pole and is now considered the most critically acclaimed artist of today.

  8. brad says:

    Its ironic that Charlamagne even uses the GOD reference as a nickname and then spends all day criticizing others and their moves. This fool is a close friend of Ray J’s so his opinion is completely biased.

    • Cal says:

      Do some research and find out WHY he calls himself that. No attention seeking or provocative motives behind the name but very spiritual.

  9. NoWhiteInMyCup says:

    real shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  10. Playboy69 says:

    Kanye West is dope get the album!

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