I think Arizona Cardinals Rookie Robert Gill started a trend when he cranked his treadmill up to 25 mph and now Chad Johnson wants the world to know he can run up an incline at 24 mph for 6 seconds. It’s only a matter of time before un-professionals try to attempt this and create blooper reeels. Ninety-nine percent of dudes watching this think I can run at least 22 mph, no problem, and ninety-nine percent of us are all seriously mistaken.

  • That looks way slower than how that rookie was running. Like a good 5mph slower.

    • crabapples

      longer legs, fewer strides makes it seem slower.

    • BullnBearHP

      In Chad’s heyday he ran a 4.3, 40

  • crabapples

    are we switching back from ochocinco to johnson now that he’s out of jail?