The “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” host Cedric The Entertainer stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday (September 9th) to talk about his kids creative ways of cursing, being a substi*ute teacher, deciding it wouldn’t be a good idea to kiss the contestants and much more.

Cedric follows Meredith Vieira as host of “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” following her departure after last season.

  • Greg4422

    I’m still mad at this nigga about the Rosa parks joke

    • How can you get made at a comedian about a joke, their isn’t any boundaries.

      • Greg4422

        I respectfully disagree, there are certain civil rights leaders that should never be disrespected… Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks immediately comes to mind.

        • disrespected and jokes are two different things. Jesus jokes are cool though?

          • Greg4422

            I’m not sure how I feel about Jesus jokes,,, because I’m not a devout Christian, but I suppose Jesus jokes would be offensive to those that follow him religiously. By the same token same someone that’s directly effected by civil rights, may not feel jokes about civil rights leaders are offensive or off limits. So, in a round about way, I see your point. Whats offensive to me, may not be offensive to someone else. I can accept that to you it was just a joke not to be taken so seriously…but I’m not quite there yet

        • Knowledge1911

          I could have swore the Rosa Parks joke was from the movie Barbershop? I don’t remember him saying anything about Rosa in any standup routines. You can’t get upset with a actor speaking dialogue from a script.

          • Greg4422

            It was from Barbershop. It’s “my opinion” he should have refused that line in the script, but I acknowledge everyone doesn’t feel the same way that I do.

  • Oooook why is he talking like that??

  • judge joe brown

    When you first hear a Jesus joke your like oh shizznit…that’s wrong..and then 187,426 Jesus jokes later your laughing at them …I wonder why that is so…tall about having an agenda…every body thinks its okay cause its a joke but its not its blasphemous in nature and they want you to be comfortable by any means …if I can hypnotize you by telling you a joke it makes it that much easier… hold on to what you felt its your understanding and hold on to your knowledge through time