CBS Sports Hires Chad Johnson

· September 6, 2013

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Pro Bowl wide receiver Chad Johnson will be back on TV soon but it won’t be for a reality show. Johnson was self admittingly bored and wanted desperately to get back into the league. And he did that – sort of.

Today, CBS Sports hired Johnson as an an**yst for – no – not their Sunday morning football show, but rather as a fantasy football an**yst.

Yep – Dave Richard announced it quite nonchalant on Twitter this afternoon:

#FF Your Fantasy Football Today team: Me, @horowitzjason@jameyeisenberg & @ochocinco Yes, THAT @ochocinco See you Sunday, 11a @cbssports

There’s no word on how long the partnership will last or if Johnson will eventually move onto a bigger role and at some point join the CBS broadcast, but for now, he’ll be giving you his fantasy sleepers and busts.

Kind of odd to see a former player give out fantasy advice, so, interested to see just how well his predictions and an**ysis comes out.

Johnson confirmed the hire himself:

Now I have to change bio to employed adding @CBSSports which also means my tweets will now be censored. I’m gonna party tonight at home

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  1. Pceezy says:

    I’m still a fam of ocho

  2. gogetit says:

    Good for that brother. Happy for him.

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