One of the best dressed vixens in the game Ms.Cat shows you how she gets all grown and se*y. Lets admit it some of the models we see all the time look better half naked then in some clothes. Cat Washington is the best of both worlds when it comes to being dressed up or with her clothes off.


Some bonus flicks

Props Playboy69


  • Playboy69

    Nice! Proud moment for TEAM CHOCOLATE!…Cat is sexy!

  • President Ward

    Damn, I love being a black man.

  • Yeah I always said cat Washington was hot!! She got the total package. @hahz,I disagree with cat being the best dressed in/outta clothes tho…..that’s maliahs specialty there LOL.

    • Maliah is top 3 but I got Cat 1

      • President Ward

        Y’all know she be doing cocaine.

        No joke … True story …

        • Mister Mister

          WTF LOL, how u know?

      • Playboy69

        @Hahz..Staying true his Chocolate roots Strait….Moor on LINE 1….LMAO!

        • @playboy, its all good. @hahz picked a banger for sure tho. Cat is definitely hot

        • President Ward

          ^^^ Fake as comedian above me. LOL! HELL NAW!

          • President Ward

            I was talking to Playboy. My bad @Strait.

          • Playboy69

            @Ward…U Must be jealous…LMAO!


  • seanjohn100

    very nice looking broad

  • REX!!!

    @strizzle n @queso….who would won a poll of CAT WASHINGTON VS IRENE THE DREAM???I’m goin with Irene and the winner face kyra koas but Irene trumps em both ur thoughts???

    • Queso (The Corp)

      I might have to go wit Irene.

  • @Rex,that’s a helluva battle son lol. Uhh I’d probably go with cat Washington over Irene…but it would be close. Irene hot & thick but I just think cat looks better naturally(no makeup) and cat got them big azz tits I like too. Irene & cat are both hotter than kyra to me…kyra just has a crazy body but her face is kinda below average

    • REX!!!

      Real talk,I feel u strizzle…imma take Irene overall I just something about her THICK SEXY AZZ,but u can’t go WRONG either way I’m happy but yea kyra ain’t all that just got that banging body the face is eehh,lol

      • @Rex, I got jasmine “bunee” matthews over all 3 of them!!!

        Gaaaaawwd Daaaamn!!!!…this chick is bad!!!!

        • Playboy69

          @Strait…PREACH!…She TKO all of them

        • REX!!!

          Yea @strizzle,there’s a million and 1 chix that’ll give em all a run for they money n ill take jasmine over them all to as long as their not HIGH MAINTENANCE,I can dig it!!!

    • LouieVtheKING

      Idk @strait Kyra bad bro, but Cat is easy on the eyes tho

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    Not real crazy about Cat like that, but cant deny baby girl has a fan base, she aint no KYRA

    her face too much makeup but can and will say that homegirl seems to be down to earth, she aint scared to hit up hood local clubs, she slide down here and showed luv, but at the same time she aint really a a-list star either.

  • Realtalkin

    Cat is fine!! Love this broad

  • blizzy

    very pretty … diggin the smile… came a long way from bgc thats for sure……