Last night Cat Washington was in the DMV styling in one of her own outfits. She shouldn’t of had to pay for any drinks that night. Thoughts?


  • Queso (The Corp)

    Body lookin good…can’t say the same for her gear.

  • Bmo

    Typical hoochie gumby spandex wear *yawn* she need to buy me a drink wearing a rug as clothes smh

    • MoorFedayeen

      “buy you a drink”??? Who are u

      • Bmo

        Obviously someone with more swag than you if it sounds outrageous for a cute female to buy you a drink lmao damn yall act so thirsty no game having azz joker.

        • MoorFedayeen

          Don’t get it twisted lil nicca I aint a stranger to the notion but you silly as hell if you think this stuck up azz broad buying anybody a drink, fame or no fame. It aint in her groupie DNA

          • Bmo

            Stuck up? she couldnt pull that card on me especially after she tried to get nasty with a stripper in a dirty bathroom stall but the guy couldnt get it up lmao this is a rat she climbed up out the hole and is getting money now but still a rat nevertheless and broads only have atitudes/act stuck up if you let them get away with it..each bitc* is different but they can all fall in line trust

  • TruDat

    Cat = perfection
    Wardrobe = “Fail”

    One Love

  • MoorFedayeen

    Sh1t look cheap but this woman could wear a garbage bag and make it look decent. Props on the ambition. Can’t h0e forever

  • damnshame

    she look ratchett as hell in that outfit…Is that what a phat azz get U/im confused????????

  • I remember this chick from bad girls club.

    She was wild as hell. I’M NOT A CATYA FAN!!

  • big bread

    Azz look good… Here on piece look like carpet at the bowling ally

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    Cat always been stacked like a stallion She came to Polk County recently and i missed her sex azz,

  • Playboy69

    YAWN!…THIS IS WAY BETTER …Cat needs to take sit like Michael Vick.

    • You damn right!!!!!!! Star does it best sorry.

      • Playboy69


      • BigRob

        He’ll yea. Star got the best body in the game . Pidd. Cuz she all natural

    • BigRob

      Cat damn near flat looks wack. I hate chicks who dress cheap as hell. At least Mariah always look like money = classy

      • BigRob


        • Playboy69

          @Big Rob…AMEN! Lastarya > Cat Washington & Maliah Michel

  • she must’ve took a day off?