Vixens Cat Washington & Alaya Lee show you how to shut down the club… If I had to rate Alaya’s donk with a score card I would have to raise up a 10. Cat been killing em for a minute with her form fitting body suits, I think she needs some homefessional videos to compete with the big dawgs in the game.



Cat Washington @Mscat215

  • SCOG

    Both Sistas Looking Good. Pounding Both Of Them…

  • TruDat

    Alaya is one of the sexiest women on the planet. I’ll have rose pedals leading to a hot bath for her “everyday”. Damn, Damn, Damn

    One Love

    • i’m saying! me,her,a room courtesy of MGC,and some Godiva chocolate syrup would do the trick!

    • LOL,she is wearing that all white ensemble very well!!!!

      • Queso (The Corp)

        Yea she is

  • DCAssLuva

    alaya in the 2nd pic that all white smh!!!!

  • Hmm,this is a nice matchup here. Alaya look like she got that act right box haha and cat and her hips never lied,ever. A homefessional video from her sounds about right.

  • DCAssLuva

    alaya should do porrn no lie i would love too see her get smashed its alot of these models and strippas i would like too see in porrn

  • MoorFedayeen

    Some of Cats outfits look down right tacky.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Alaya on the other hand got that joint that needs to be cuffed as you “help” her up the stairs

  • Bob

    Cat Washington all the way!

  • President Ward

    Whateva man. Where my lady Briana Bette?

  • BullnBearHP

    Alaya Lee got that onion…. killin Cat

  • DonkRida

    I love women

    • DonkRida

      Cat Washington is a beast!

  • your boy

    cat washington need to watch it…she gaining weight…looks good now but could get out of control

  • TYBO2020


  • ginoBrown

    Alaya Lee looking hella thick as usual, she is underrated in my opinion.