Curvy model Cassiie MeLinda gives you a time line of night club pictures with her camera phone. By the looks of these pictures non of Cassiie’s friends are seeing her when it comes to showing out in the club with those form fitting dresses. She definitely gets the most hits outa the crew.


  • Yeah definitely smashworthy!!!!

  • treydarealest

    she is a true definition of a butta head light skin women with to much damn makeup would pass but on a late night smash lmfao

    • Bigsmoov

      You trippin on the buttaface part, she might have on to much eyeliner but ugly …far from it! Straight 9 Piece!!! Face, Ass, Tits, stomach rather she’s a go!

      • treydarealest

        listen new name guy that i never seen on here before lmfao the broad face is not pretty she look like a miami tranny

        • money_making_mojo

          ^^^^^^thats the funniest response I have ever seen “listen new name guy that i never seen on here before”……But she is far from ugly, not the baddest but badder then 95 percent of niggas girlfriends

        • presto 2.0

          ROTFLMFAO @Trey!…”but…we all where the “new name guy…that i never seen on here before”…before(smh?)…lmfao!!

          • tone

            You gotta say that there’s people that only comment on certain post under alia names hating on people then you don’t see them to the next post the interest them to hate or give average girls props lol because its them

    • ShannelTheUgly


  • tone

    Not really feeling her face but she got a tight body

  • queso BP.1

    Yea she aite she cool.

  • Cold and Hot

    She far from ugly but her frame pretty damn tight.

  • prime706

    she cool 8.8 nice body im smashing.

  • Red Of The Teamchocolate

    She a solid 7

    Nothing special

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE


  • Jesse

    I’d hit it but would u guys please stop calling every stripper or club hoe a model. DAMN YOU PHOTOSHOP!

  • damnshame

    she look a little hard in the face but sexy climbing that pole

  • WHO IS REX?????????


  • trap101

    I don’t know looks like in all her pics she’s sucking her gut in trying to take a deep breath and not shoe the muffin top she might have goin on.

  • realtalkldn

    yep she looking good for real

  • Ez Deezy

    They all look good to me

  • ginoBrown

    Face is nothing 2 shout about but the rest of her is A-1.

  • DCAssLuva

    that spanish joint is too phat!!! seen this 1 pic of her laying on the beach smh!! have mercy!!!

  • wobeli

    Cute and thick, got a lil height on her. Lionel Richie-All Night Long

  • G 26’s

    this chick bad & curvy as fuck