Carol Narizinho Shows Off Her Six Pack

· March 5, 2013


Playboy model Carol Narizinho is Summer time fine already. She is straight out of Brazil, even though you couldn’t tell by looking at her thigh muscle mass.. Usually models out of Brazil looks look like they do squats all day in the gym.

NSFW Cover

carol-narozinho-e0853_7 carol-narizinho-2000a1f9a39_7


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Discussion4 Comments

  1. Realtalkin says:

    Imma just say I’ll smash, before I read y’alll comments to throw me off lol

  2. Big ALbert says:

    Meh…I’d smash but she’s kind of plain.

  3. presto 2.5 says:

    **Licks finger tip…and flips page**

    good appetizer…now bring the main course…something redbone and thick

    medium well plz…

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