Brazilian beauty Carol Belli shows you how she looks when she hits up the night club. Would you have holla’d at her?


  • TYBO2020


  • MoorFedayeen

    Oh hell no, not nearly Black enough.

    • too_funny

      im wit u on that but damn homie her legs are something serious.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Butt how da backward look?

        • too_funny

          It aint alot but it aint a little anf it aint flat.

  • queso (The Corp)

    These niccas ^^^smh… doubt I’m on that!

    • +1

      • too_funny

        @queso …. On what? nicca ur breathe smells like the back of @bstraits ear

        • Bob

          AHAHAA @ too_funny, you cold.

      • MoorFedayeen

        But shot out to @B Straight in the 2nd pic whispering to @Prest in the background.

        “I think I just saw Moor and a few other TC’s come through the front door, and security didn’t check ’em. On 3, we’re gonna cut for that door to my left. Ok. 1,2…”

        • #clown humor “@queso ur breath smells like the back of B straits ear”….Wtf!!. @moor implying that we run from him & gay companions….nigga stop. **baseball announcer voice**..”swing and a miss by teamchocolate” LOL. Try harder cornballs smh

          • too_funny

            @bstrait….have u smelled the back of your ear lately?

          • trap101 (The Corp North)

            lil @Moor here talkin’ that greasy talk while all they gettin in wit is some pea shooters. Checked by security?…..The Corp comes through the back door….TC floozies.

          • too_funny

            @trap101 aka @trap’d n the closet

          • MoorFedayeen

            LOL@ Too Funny and naw Rat @Trap, we slipped through the front door with the pistol grips on some, Eddie Murphy, Beverly Hills Cops ish.

          • President Ward

            @rat trap why you got a pic of young jeezy. U GAY AF!!!

          • LOL @trap, “pea shooters” lol. They got 100 yard dash guns smh.

          • trap101(The Corp North)

            @Ward mad cuz i called him “special needs” kid and how The Corp, tc, Team fairytales dont want him…..lookin like Corky from Life Goes On

          • President Ward

            @Trap i ain’t even. Sam Cassell lookin’ as n*gga.

          • President Ward

            *i ain’t even mad*

  • Tresan

    brazilian….that alone is winner

  • President Ward

    Andressa Soares

    Wolfpack Inc.

  • Bob

    Goddamn fucking thick!

  • desolation

    i’d get at her.

  • Call_Me_Ru

    these are some thick brazilians right here man. the back up dancers can get it

  • regular negro

    damn damn damn….lawwwdd she bad