Carmelo Upgraded La La’s a@$$@ts?

· June 8, 2010

Any one notice a difference in La La?

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  • Dubb

    Yeah she got some bad booty shots lol smh

  • Cutta

    She’s definitely looking better than she was… That wasn’t quite a Lamar Odom move but I definitely didn’t understand it. Cornstarch in the booty? No bueno

  • Reek

    she needs her $$ back cause that ass looks worse now

  • WHOD

    yea she looked better before

  • gphi

    She does look a lil’ thicker(below the belt), hope it’s all natural & not store bought. PEACE!!!

  • bmind

    She had a baby that will give you an ass!

  • bloggette

    Yeah …

    She got herself a pink bag !