Carmelo Anthony
‘s 44-point effort on Friday went unnoticed after his team got beat by the Magic, 129-121. The next day, he watched the Hawks’ Jeff Teague handle his team as it suffered another loss, this time 107-98. The Knicks gave up double digit leads in both of them, so can you really blame Anthony for looking like this?

  • BnBHP

    Sad… the boy needs help desperately!

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    The knicks are a joke and partly it is due to Carmelo also. Dont get me wrong Carmelo has been balling and has changed alot from when he first came in the league, the boy barely clubs, but he still needs to tighten up on defense and he still has not learned how to lead.

    The team usually follows suit to the leader, Carmelo is far from a leader, he has never in his career set the tone of the team and no locker room he has been in never respected him, even when he was at Denver he acted like a biitch and made it be known that he wanted to leave.

    Carmelo said at the begging of the season that he was looking forward to free angency, so how the fcuk are you teamates suppose to respect you when they dont even know if you are all the way in.

    How the fcuk are the teamates suppose to respect him if J.R smith unties shoes twice jokingly and you dont get him in check.

    All the foolishness that J.R smith, felton and others doing,, lebron would never let that shiit fly especially since being groomed by pat riley

    • Murder

      Real talk 100


    the Knicks owner doesn’t give a sh!t…he about that money.

  • pceezy

    Melo plays NO D,,……

  • Dreday4141

    “Carmelo Anthony’s Reaction to This Latest Knicks Loss to the Hawks is Heartbreaking (GIF)”

    But in the video there is 10 mins left and the score was 74 – 73 so how is this a reaction to an LOST …Somebody reaching

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      That makes it even worse that its 10 mins left and his mood and expression is that he already gave up.

      cant put that shiit all on MELO , because he surrounding with a bunch of fools , but at the same time he never really set a tone when he first arrived, he divided himself from AMARE because he is and always has had biitch tendencies, he has changed over the years and hopefully his next location he will get a clean slate and this time he may start off with business as a true leader because the KNICKS are a lost cause, they just need to get rid of everybody execept hardaway jr.