Carmel Kitten Twerking at Walmart & Library

· March 20, 2013

Carmel Kitten takes twerking to another level.. You usually see people twerking in the crib, she took her talents to Walmart & the library.


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Discussion47 Comments

  1. President Ward says:

    I’ll tear her thick as up.

  2. She cool as fuc fun girl straight up..

    • President Ward says:

      @Strait i like her alot dawg. She looks cool and funny.

    • Queso (The Corp) says:

      Lmao @B…i love it

      • MoorFedayeen says:

        +1 B Straight

        I can’t lie, that joint lookin heavy in the library but she hella rachet for doing that in a damn library where all the other races come, many not even native to this country, to become something. She also make a lot of weird faces which tells me this broad probably got mental issues or was tampered with as a kid. You gotta have more to offer after being on this Earth for 27 years. Be honest she look 30+ but she still get pinned

  3. MalleG'z says:

    No words for this stupid azz dumb beach. Don’t go in the library to educate yourself, noooo… go there to shake your ratchet stank azz. SMH! #dropsquad

  4. seanjohn100 says:

    she needs to do one in a thong

  5. MalleG'z says:

    @Prez&Playboy… Its a time and place for everything my dudes, twerking in the library got her looking like a walking oxymoron… What im supposed to do, make it rain library cards on her azz?

  6. bighomie53 says:

    I don’t care what y’all say i like ol girl,, she look cool as f#ck & i bet any kinna money she’s a cold-blooded FREAK!!!!!!! #WP

    Man did you see the booty control & the movement of them a$$ cheeks,, plus she clappin that thang with ease…. I would be bangin her out on the regular!!!!! #WP

    • Queso (The Corp) says:

      @Big u know I love this ratchet shi# lmao… Best I seen since Mizz Twerksum.. Shorty look like she’ll show ur azz a good time. I like that… Imagine how that azz was bouncing around in that red dress too… I like her

  7. Big ALbert says:

    This is kinda ignant but I can’t lie I’m impressed.

  8. The Man says:

    this chick is 42. what’s next? twerkin at church?

  9. Realtalkin says:

    Lol at her commentary when she twerkin tho

  10. Reme says:

    Goofy cutie with a big booty!

  11. Toure says:

    Love this b@tches wild out style

  12. Smash says:

    That thang wobblin’

  13. kb says:

    Fir some reason I like Her…. She indeed looks like a cool chick to hang with.

  14. REX!!! says:

    @ strizzle,yea its ignorance and carnal mindedness on every level and it just shows how morally corrupt people really have become,BUT HAVING SAID ALL THAT I STILL WOULD F*CK THE DOG SHHH OUTTA HER..LOL

    • WildWild says:

      HUH…. Chuuurch Tabernacle…. Preach and all that other good ish… I’m bout to blow her back ouuuuuuuttttt….lol

  15. WildWild says:

    Ahahahahahahaahhahahhahhaha man ya’ll comments wild as hell… @Malle G u a fool boy…lol… but like @ward say why so serious …lol… it is what it is .. but if I saw her in any isle I would have been trying to poke it like wet paint… like @smash say that thang just a wobblin…Ahahahahhahah keep it up shawty “twerking at the drop box”

    • Queso (The Corp) says:

      @wild yea she hot son.. Wit that big ol redbone azz.. I like her little facial expressions too.. Like yeaaaaa Nicca what! Lol… Best shi# I seen n a min lol

    • President Ward says:

      @Q nice job. That video you just posted of Carmel Kitten was dope.

    • Playboy69 says:

      @Queso…Jhonni Blaze + Carmel Kitten = RATCHET HEAVEN! Gotta luv it!…LOL!

      • Queso (The Corp) says:

        @Playboy lmao… I’m loving this big titty big jiggling azz ratchet redbone son lol

        • Playboy69 says:

          @Queso…Can’t Blame you Dawg…LOL!

        • bighomie53 says:

          @Queso,, I like her too, she bout-it plus she so thick & can bounce and clap that a$$ with ease… I just watched like 5 of her videos & she make a n!gg@ wanna beat it!!!!! #WP

          • Queso (The Corp) says:

            @Big yea she right up my alley kid lol.. I saw a older video of her earlier and I remember this broad from some yrs back.. Ain’t realize it was her. She gotta be mid 30s still hot.

  16. Playboy69 says:

    @Hahz… This video of Carmel Kitten is EPIC…..She gets the 10 CARD!

  17. blizzy says:

    good lawd…. she controllin that heavy donk…. gotta love a girl ready to drop a twerk on command … looks like total fun in bedroom also

  18. blizzy says:

    wanna see them cheeks oiled up and clappin… now how nobody aint hear them cheeks in the library

    • bighomie53 says:

      @blizzy,, They definitely heard the noise but the lames at the library most likely didn’t know what to think about that type of sound,,, it would have took a n!gg@ like me to get up and say “hold-on that sound like some a$$ clappin” …..

      Soon after **big homie gets up and follows the sound**
      Seconds later **catches her clappin that thang** Before leaving **squeezes a$$ with number in hand** ……..

  19. williedynamite says:

    :/ this some ghetto azz shyt rite here

  20. 1luv says:

    Same here, I be like a detective looking for that noise. If I had to study for a major exam, that azz would have had me distracted

  21. SOLODOLO says:


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