Camron Instagrams Juju’s “O” Face

· February 20, 2013


Camron went from posting a throwback picture of Chris Bosh’s wife with his homie that used to smash that to posting a picture of his girl’s “O” face in the tub.

Some people will that this picture of JuJu bustin a nut two different ways.. One way is Cam is the man and the other way is why would he put his main jawn out there like that.





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  1. Truth says:

    Camron has never and will never give a ****

  2. Washington_Red says:

    damn she is half nekked, thats a picture you take of side piece.

    • Realtalkin says:

      Exactly, not a pic you take of a girl you engaged to!!

      • Naw Naw fellas,yall missing the issue here. It ain’t about him taking the picture of juju having her “o” face,its the point that his azz posted the picture for the world to see it. I’ve photo’d several ladies being smashed or just doing some freakiness in general…but only for fun & 4 our eyes only! Its a certain level of trust u establish with chicks that let u capture them in the moment. Putting chicks out there like this makes u a clown,that’s worse than a “kiss & tell” type dude in a womans eyes smh. I’m sure juju gon be Aight tho LOL.

        • Realtalkin says:

          Lol yeaa thats what i meant, these type of pics is cool for private use but cam took an l for making it public. If i was one of those dudes that published these kinda private pics it would be of a side honey at least.

  3. Esko says:


  4. We all know cam got some “clown” in him smh. U see how he just jumped in the Chris Bosh/weezy madness that had nothing to do with him. Social media is turning grown men into “attention whores” smh.

  5. jamar says:

    obviously he dont give a phuck about this girl…does she even care.

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      Yea I said that from the start. Its a square deal for him but not at all for her. Who would marry such a whore of a man? Talkin about a dude with past and present. Broads are stupid. She can’t honestly believe he’ll monogamous and how bout her father or family sees this pic?

  6. WJJ says:

    I’m tired of these grown men begging for attention. YOU DON”T DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT WITH YOUR WIFE! This is once again a Bi&^ch move!!!!

  7. bighomie53 says:

    Shiiiiid it’s cool i sure don’t hear Ju Ju complaining!!!!!!!!!!

  8. presto 2.5 says:

    Lmao at that damn “Rico”…yall remeber that part when he was showing the tape of him smashing right?…i swear the nicca shoulda won an academy for dat ish!

    Cam is Rico…and Rico is Cam…lol

    **Rico Voice**…”Yo Ace…these niccas are touchy B…aint like i show’d da azz anut’n B…10 racks say you cant get yo wifey to do dat B”


    • MoorFedayeen says:

      Good point! Yo real rap I always believed Cam actually picked up some of that character’s traits when he actually looked at the movie himself and got great reviews on his acting after the movie became a ghetto classic. I once saw him with a pic of that character on a t-shirt. That’s a form of idolizing

  9. missmina says:

    true that,same thing here…

  10. lnfamous ONE says:

    He knows. It’s how he gets paid, it’s called AD-VER-TISING.

  11. ballzdeepigo says:

    Maybe she likes it.

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