A West Seattle woman who had a couple of item stolen from her car last month quickly discovered that the thief had inadvertently exchanged the loot for something of his: A black smartphone.

Scrolling through the list of contacts, Eliza Webb soon stumbled upon the alleged perp’s mom and decided to give her a ring.

“This is a very uncomfortable phone call to make,” Webb recalled telling the 19-year-old suspect’s mother. “I have your son’s phone and I’m missing some things out of my car and I think they might be two related items.”

Webb says the unidentified teen’s mom was “devastated.”

Along with her husband, Webb drove to the teen’s house to pick up her stuff.

“We knocked on the door and he answered in just sort of a defeated look,” she told KOMO News. “He looked like he had been crying.”

Webb learned that the kid and a buddy had hit 10 other unlocked cars in her neighborhood out of “boredom” after a night of drinking.

She offered him a compromise: Give her back the stuff he stole and help her track down the other victims, and she won’t call the cops.

They gathered the second suspect from his home and set off on an “apology tour,” knocking on every door in the cul-de-sac to find the people they burgled and apologize to them.

“I think bringing the police and courts into something like this can have long-term, devastating consequences for kids,” Webb told The Seattle Times. “I wanted to meet him, talk to his parents and see if there might be another way. I felt that if I could get him to own up to what he’d done and understand there were consequences, it could be a much better outcome.”

  • prettymanny

    Good for this lady she taught the kids a lesson without vengefully destroying their lives. This is what happens when you live in a community of people who care.

    • MoorDetroitRed

      Had I caught ’em breaking in my sh1t I’d of hit ’em with the pump then called mommy and told her where to find her son. No flexing


  • JGoode

    Truth b told this is how communities were run for before ppl were told to involve police and the govt. and it’s a sad reality we live in. Millions of lives are ruined over things that could b handled this way.

    • MoorDetroitRed

      Fvck all the hoe azz n1ggas and fvck the govt. We out

  • Piff

    Great story. I’d like to think I could be as calm and level-headed about it as this woman but I’d probably call the parents screaming that their son was a fucking punk and I was going to track him down, beat the shit out of him and then call police. Although I doubt the beating part would be legal in Washington.

  • Mdubbs

    Im sorry but why is 19 still considered a child? Especially after a drunken robbery spree. In my grandparents generation at 19 you were working 70 hours a week and fully treated like an adult. Now its “o little bobby is only 24 hes a child he didnt know knocking over that liquor store was wrong!!

  • Shizz

    I’m in the middle on how I feel about this. I think what she did was a great Idea but i think the thieves need a bit more of a punishment then some embarrassment.

    But I’m glad the victims got their stuff back.

    before last Christmas this happened to my neighbourhood my losses where not that great, a cheap (5 dollar) fm transmitter, a couple chocolate bars (one half eaten) but My nephew lost his PSP out of his mothers vehicle.

    Up until that night i never really worried about locking my doors while i was in my drive way, hadn’t ever happened before in my area ( at least that I’m aware of) now I always lock the doors. I’m not sure I would be so forgiving to people who steal from others like that.