Buffie The Body knows how to ride..

· October 6, 2010

Check out Buffie The Body’s Black Man digital pictures inside. One thing I never seen was homegrown pictures of Buffie’s body,her whole career has been photo shopped. I love to look at her body but her ass is as hard as it looks which is a turn off to me personally. Could this mean the return of Buffie?

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  1. Forty and Fly guy says:

    This is another example of the professional pics making the woman look much better looking than she really is. The pics turned out well!

  2. Forty and Fly guy says:

    Are we sure that she hasn’t taken ass injections? Something seems off with her ass. Good but off.

  3. B STRAIT UP says:

    umm these pics are old as hell! She doesn’t have a lot of homegrown pics but every dude still would smash no question. Honestly she is the reason all these chicks are runnin to get them ass injections so they can get that “damn” reaction like buffie,strait up!

  4. The Man says:

    Buffie’s my wife….To me, she’s physical perfection.

  5. Cold and hot says:

    I think these may be new because she look a lil different. I think her butt is real but this is prime example of over photoshopping which is not needed since she’s naturally bootyful. They really need to stop with the cartoonish photoshopping.

    • moorfedayeen says:

      Naw Bro, these old as shit but it’s cool. Some of her best pics ever and they even show that her ass is infact fake. She got the best fake ass EVER, Idc!

  6. ginobli says:

    shit looks sick skinny ass legs and dunk for africa wtf

  7. The Truth says:

    Her ass looks fake in these pics, I thought it was real.

  8. mr.portcity says:

    U cats have forgotten about all those youtube and underground videos of her stripping check for those…fake or not back then she knew how to work that big thang

  9. D says:

    these are old

  10. MICHAEL816 says:

    she looks very good and i think her ass is real and is big.but who ever was in charge of the pics did photo shop them. they made her ass look different in each picture in one of the pictures they photo shopped the tattoo off her booty. lmao

  11. 4REAL says:

    She came to a car show in my town bout a month ago… Erybody including myself was following that ass around!! She on point no doubt!!

  12. DHaynes says:

    “Best fake ass” <—- CLASSIC COMMENT!! 100% Classic! TRUE AS WELL!!

  13. southwest says:

    Blackmen? For Real Hahz? It was death to photoshop back in ’09.

  14. BigHRD2 says:

    Buffie rides motorcycles, and she look damn sexy in all black
    I hate to rate this photo an 9.

  15. Grymm says:

    The original fake booty!

  16. uptownrza says:

    she look better in person

  17. satch says:

    she was in the airport and even white folks was staring at that big ass

  18. Exactly says:

    She’s cool as hell as a person. But she’s as wack now as she’s always been as far as modeling goes. I blame her for how fucked up the industry is now with the fake asses, airbrushing, unintelligent speech etc.

    She changed the game, but not much for the better. At least the cons outweight the pros. You can divide the urban modeling game into two almost: BB-Before Buffie/AB-After Buffie.

  19. SULATHA BLOUNT says:

    hello buffie. my name is sulatha blount i am from macon ga. i am very proud of you. i must say, you do have a great body. but you are also a smart lady. i know you do not know me, but i frist saw you at macon state.youi were there to see you brother i hope he is home now. god bless you.

  20. SULATHA BLOUNT says:


  21. SULATHA BLOUNT says:


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