When people talk about Bubbles on NYE it’s usually in reference to drinking.. Bubbles ends the year with a BANG! Bubbles is cross promoting her debut novel “Playground” on Amazon.com. Check out her Dynasty Series photo shoot photos below.


  • queso (The Corp)

    Last few pics bananas!!! Shorty ain’t no joke fake cakes or not.

    • Teddy Rosevelt

      agreed bruhz

    • Playboy69


  • MoorFedayeen

    She straight man. I was like Damn when I saw her in that Triple C vid, Go, way back but either she aged or just was never that hot to begin with.

  • LouieVtheKING

    she so badddd

  • yeah,i’d bake this broad a cake. this is laz chick right here lol.

    • lazarus


  • DonkRida

    Love them homegrown pics.

  • Teegirl

    Bubbles an 8. The tatts just a tad bit too much, why cover up ya pretty skin with all the color ink? And she do look a little aged in the face, like she’s about 37..

  • Playboy69

    Bubbles is so UNDERRATED…She THICK & pretty. Bubbles body is one of best of this year

  • DCAssLuva

    glad too see she back modeling she took a long break

  • SupremeJuan3000

    Bubbles is banging I would love to smash my face between them cheeks ,but one thing I noticed about her is that she will Prematurely Age in the face. I guess that’s the curse of being a redbone or a white girl.

  • lazarus

    Ha, LOL the Unicorn. Gettin it in. Happy New Year to the Entire Wolfpack an Affiliates. I jus like to see her show off a lil bit tho, LOL.

  • Tim

    Love the new mature Bubbles!

  • President Ward

    PHAT A+

  • est1978

    top 5 status

  • numbers

    Love this chic.#2 all time behind Maliah. She seems like a mature type chic too. Never hear any rumors about her either.