NYPD officers responding to a domestic disturbance call dragged a 48-year-old woman who had been taking a shower out of her Brooklyn apartment, leaving her in the hallway in just her underwear for over two minutes. Video of the July 13 incident was obtained Friday by the New York Daily News.

Police said they had received a call at the address but did not have an apartment number. They knocked on Denise Stewart’s door after hearing yelling; when she cracked the door and told them they had the wrong apartment, they pulled her into the hallway over her objections, her towel falling off in the process. Several neighbors yelled at the officers that Stewart had asthma before she fainted to the floor.

According to police, Stewart’s twelve-year-old daughter was found with “visible injuries” to her face, which she said came from her mother and older sister hitting her with a belt, though the family’s lawyer said a subsequent investigation found no signs of abuse or neglect. Several members of the family were charged with resisting arrest.

“They manhandled (Stewart) and behaved in a deplorable manner,” Stewart’s attorney said. “She feels completely mortified. This is about human dignity.” According to the Daily News, Internal Affairs is investigating the incident.

Watch the video below, which autoplays, via NYDN:

  • fogsea

    When is this going to end? This is getting to be too damned much and the people, We The People, need to put an end to this bullsh!t.

  • candy rain

    That was hard to watch…smh

  • Ace

    I’m sick and tired of racial profiling. When are people going to start holding these damn cops accountable?

  • Black Moses

    The criteria for becoming a cop should be so much higher….which is really cops should be paid more…mostly assholes get these jobs.

    • 1luv

      Thought the same thing, I could never be a cop because they don’t pay enough to deal with the public assholes. With all that stress that goes with that job, anybody that has that position can turn into a asshole and not give a damn.

      If you can’t handle stressful situations, law enforcement is not for you.

      • Black Moses and 1 luv very good analysis…..100%

      • MoorThugRelated (FREE @Cakes!!)

        It’s by design

  • Old Skool Quote

    Answer: Body Count “cop killer” should b the anthem!!