I hope everyone got what they wished for on Christmas. Brittany Renner looks like she was doing 1000 sit ups on Christmas while everyone one was eating at the dinner table. What better way to feel guilty about all the food you ate last night then by looking at her waistline and thinking about hows your would look next to hers.


  • jamarxyz

    respect….she aint just sitting around eating.

  • President Ward


    • MoorThugRelated


      Its no way you can be that shredded w/o it.

      • Playboy69

        @Moor & @Ward… Maybe she just Team Fairy Tales STRONG!….LOL!

    • DarkAssKnight

      steroids!?…steroids aren’t going to get you abs…..its possible to look like that all you need is hard work,strict diet

  • MoorThugRelated

    Hell no.

    • RED(MGC)


  • Big ALbert

    Not her best pics.

  • BzB

    it’s the day after chrimuh and y’all flabby azz cats still out here throwing shade. steroids doesn’t get you muscle definition. take your pudgy azz to the gym and do high reps, low resistance, eat right, drink lots of water and maybe your spare tire will look cut up one day too.

    i prefer my women less cut up, but i ain’t mad she got tighter abs than me. i appreciate a women her fitness tip.


    too Manly…………pass like Chris Paul in the paint. LOL

    One Love

  • GuTz

    She could get that work!

    • seanjohn100

      ditch the weave but shes damn near a 10

  • 850

    Flashes 10 card I would do something’s to this chick here. She reminds me of Brianna frost.

    • presto 2.5

      this nicca loves his p0rn….

  • Sadiki

    This sista is too small to be on steroids.She works her azz off but she isn’t all big.Props to her for being dedicated and being willing to train others to get results themselves.Plus her world star fitness video is the chit.Peace!

  • mike

    Breast implants and steroids…… Not impressed