Over the past weekend vixen Brittany Dailey was caught outside of the L.A Toxic day party with her crew.Would you have holla’d at her?



  • Greg4422

    she’s cute, but I rather holla at her friend in the pink mini dress

    • Newyorkvixen


  • WildWild

    @Greg I’m with u on that homie..lol.. I like em thick .. she gets it but the pink dress n yellow pants would have got shot at.. and how these chicks got the same shoes on..lol

  • Yes. Her crew is mild though.

    • 850

      @Greg I agree I’ll take yellow pants too. Brittany Dailey is not my cup of tea.

      • Realtalkin

        yea she the best out that clique easy

  • seanjohn100

    she seems conceited as fuck but i love light skin broads so im all in

    • Eirk

      What makes her seem conceited? Damn you can see that all through a pic? She nice

      • seanjohn100

        i follow her on instagram and on vine

      • stanb

        Its a fact brittany hella stuck on twitter and instagram bra

  • Mister Mister

    I never was appealed by her….really overrated IMO

    • Playboy69

      @Mister….Preach! Ninja Turtle face Tahiry >>>> Brittany Dailey any day of the week!….LOL!

  • ginoBrown

    pink dress killing everybody in the body department

    • seanjohn100

      she might have the body but she has total package