Brittany Dailey Got That Mean Arch..

· December 27, 2013

Model Brittany Dailey doesn’t do much but when she does you want to be watching.. That arch in a woman’s back is se*y by it self, then when Brittany’s new shoot displaying her mean arch it’s something special.

A lot of men don’t know that as a woman moves toward orgas** during se*, she’ll begin to arch her back. Hold her tight around the small of her back at this point and stay attuned to how much she’s arching. And, for God’s sake, do not let up; maintain the same rhythm and intensity of stimulation until she climaxes. She’ll pay you back for this later, with interest.

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Discussion12 Comments

  1. she would get fed,even after eating xmas leftovers

  2. RED(MGC) says:

    Perfect arch

  3. President Ward says:

    She got genital herpes no lie….foh

  4. presto 2.5 says:

    @MoorFeen needs to grab a pen and pad…

    last nut his shorty seen…was on a piece of red velvet cake

    that’s why she calls the MGC generals for maintenance twice a week

  5. tHe kiD fRanKiE says:

    This gotta be at least a 9 on the richter scale

  6. BnBHP says:

    She’s niceee…

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