The Ministry of Defense in Britain has released their UFO files to the public. Now you can see the UFO sightings that the British government has received over the years. The UFO desk was closed in 2009 according to a report of the BBC.

The files released are from the last two years of the UFO desk operation. The UFO desk was closed because of resource issues and the government did not see any merit anymore. It is astonishing that Britain actually had a UFO hotline. There is still not a single verified evidence that there are UFOs. Now with the increasing number of drones flying around we will see even more UFO reports.

You can dig through the UFO files here. I don’t understand why this is still top secret and denied by most governments, we ain’t the only ones in this galaxy.

  • damnshame

    what….dont nobody else care bout the muthaf*ckin extra terristrials….its the TAKEOVR…

  • Tim

    On the real I believe we will see something happening in the next few years that will change quite a few people’s mind on this subject.