Here is the latest pictures of the voluptuous Brianna Francisco AKA Brianna Amor. Even though she is photo shopped liked a cartoon you can still see she is the truth. Now in days models got more aka then rappers.

  • Forty and Fly guy

    You right, Hahz, this chick is nothing but the truth! She is a banging brickhouse! And those lips!!!!!!!!!!

  • G.I. 219

    Amore i want more of you now and forever. my only question is can you take some dick? In my experience with thick chicks like this can’t take no dick they run from the back shots.

  • miamiblack30586

    She tight work. I can think of some things she can do with those nice lips!

  • balaramesh

    this chick is a couple biscuits from being Ndamukong Suh

  • SLIM G

    THYCC!!! HMM….LUV IT!!!

  • melloluver

    I agree. She thick and those lips . . . ! that’s all I’m gonna say, but i would love to see her in some home grown pictures

  • 4REAL




  • shawnB

    Yeah she is the truth, and you can have her for a price, I saw her in a ad on, But I forgot what city she was in at the time selling all that ass and titties. and she even has a link that takes you to her site where she describes herself and her prices and she want some dough for a date like $350 an hour real talk.

  • T-Fleezee

    Yeah them lips is nice also it doesn’t surprise me that she sells pu$$y. Its a recession & these women are survivors. Pu$$y gon sell when cotton & corn won’t!