Brianna Bette, DC Dallas, Briana Amor & Maliah Headed To The Club

· September 23, 2012

Vixens Brianna Bette, DC Dallas, Briana Amor & Maliah Michel show you would they looked like prior to hitting up the club. Who looked the best?


DC Dallas

Briana Amor


Brianna Bette



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  1. I’ll give this post a PHAT! A+!

  2. Realtalkin says:

    Maliah looking super bodacious and fine. Brianna Bette is a very nice looking lady too. Outta them for me even though Id smash em all

  3. MoorFedayeen says:

    Maliah did her thing, I can’t repudiate, but TC quickly vanquished any hope of BP winning this post with not one, but TWO juggernauts. Look at Prest running from his little hide out in a futile attempt of escaping.

    • Nikka please!! @moor, once u saw maliahs 2 pics it wasn’t even a need to scroll down anymore. BP corp!!

      • MoorFedayeen says:

        Actually there was excellent reason to scroll down to the real meat of the post. You better be on your knees thanking god Hahz for posted one of Maliah’s best pics and not a run of the mill mirror pic she usually comes with cause it wouldn’t of been enough. You got lucky

        • R.E.D.BP Monopoly says:

          I can’t even front Brianna is Officially on my top 5 list……….


          • MoorFedayeen says:

            Yea that list is solid @Red. Not to get off topic but @Prest wanna know how to get in contact with Maliah. He said he wanna ask her if they make that 1-piece she wearing in red. If so, send him 2, one for him and the other for @B Straight so they can hit the club in matching fits.

          • manstoplying says:

            That list realistic, the best urban models I would have to say of all time in no certain order, Portia Tae Maliah Ayisha the few with beautiful faces and bodies.

          • trap101 says:

            Ccourse its a solid list…..hes a BP rider he knows how to pick women, not like u TC floozies…..y’all prefer to wear ur boxers backwards for obvious reasons……easy access niccas.

          • MoorFedayeen says:

            Yo Trap that was the most homo comment ever. Who even thinks of stuff like that unless it is in fact them that engages in that type of activity? “Where boxers backward” SMH my dude, smdh.

            You n1ggas got riddled with this one. Only one that was missing was the “Coke bottle model” to make it absolute.

          • Lmao @ trap!!! ” boxers backwards”. @moor,kyra ain’t missing homie,she’s not top 5. @red got it right….BP corp!!

  4. R.E.D.BP Monopoly says:

    Brianna Bette would get cuffed on site if I ran across her

    She so muthaf@#$n sexy in that pic in them red underwear

    Brianna>>>>>>Bria all day everyday

  5. manstoplying says:

    Is this a trick question? MALIAH!

  6. downbydariver says:

    Damn Maliah phat as all get out!!! Wow…

  7. desolation says:

    Briana Amor got it imo.

  8. maskngloves says:


  9. Playboy69 says:

    Brianna Bette WINS this post by a TKO! Brianna Bette = MISS CHOCOLATE DELIGHT!…LOL!

  10. wobeli says:

    Maliah is on point with the thickness. Briana is glistening nice in the last photo.

  11. BigRob says:

    Brianna Bette wins this easy.pretty face and all natural. Maliah is nice but we all know her ass really not that fat and her chest reminds me of a 12 yr old. Brianna face and smile alone will win a Nicca over

  12. Troy says:

    BRIANNA BETTE SHUT DIS MFKIN POST DOWN! Maliah looking juicy as fck too

  13. Prime706 says:

    Brianna Bette win this one easy maliah is so overrated.

  14. TYBO2020 says:


  15. BigHRD2 says:

    All of them look hella fine.

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