Bria Myles Show Magazine 23

· February 8, 2013


What better way to start of your Friday..

I AM BRIA MYLES. This is my third appearance in SHOW and my 2nd time gracing the cover. To start off I would like to thank SHOW Magazine for having me yet again.

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  1. BzB says:

    bria brought that chonkyfire! that’s what i’m talkn bout. them chocolate cakes looking so right.

  2. President Ward says:

    I can’t even front. GOT DAYUM!!!

  3. too_funny (TC UNLTD) says:

    dime pieces in the jeep like WOW

  4. too_funny (TC UNLTD) says:

    @hahz…man how many times are u gonna change up the site only to revert back to the original?

    u dont have to change shyt…..we aint complaining about the old setup and honestly i dont think most of us give a damn if u upgrade the site format. simple is always the best.

    and where is the “candies” tab at the top and the site search bar?

    • Queso (The Corp) says:

      Can’t front I like the old shi# too… Or maybe we just accustomed to the old shi#….. Back to Bria she lookin dam good. And that azz is still fatter than a lot of shi# you see on the street.

    • *@hahz voice*…”nigga shut up….its my site & imma do what I want lil nigga,niggas always got sumthin 2 say…damn!!!…hate u niggas” lmao!!!. @toofunny,boy are u too damn lazy to scroll all the way down & view the whole page LOL??? Scroll down,far left=candies link! U TC niggas are losers lmao!!

    • missmina says:

      i dont like this format either

  5. Tim says:

    Not going to lie, she is a bad azz chocolate that chose cream!


  6. saw the bts pics man..told ya’ll she was getting thicker again! she thick but not THICK yet..

  7. Nice pics! But we’ve been spoiled by camera phone joints so no PhotoShop pics will blow us away anymore LOL. But its all good,I know teamchocolate is happy LOL

  8. truthspeaker says:

    booooo she would throw you under the bus for her white boy friends money, dream on suckas…smirks at thirst

    • too_funny (TC UNLTD) says:

      nicca please…….do u know her? and we aint judging her character and even if we did who gives a fuk, if i meet her im just trying to smash.

      u must like white girls……

      enjoy the chocolate eye candy and leave it at that

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      Truth change your name man

  9. missmina says:

    bria will always have the best body thick or not.period!!!

  10. mr.p says:

    I saw the video of this shoot…looks even better.. other than the cellulite craters the camera guy kept zooming on, she was looking on point.

  11. damnshame says:

    Dat azz pic done kilt every chic that eva been on dis site period…(chris tucker voice) DAYYUUMMM!!!

  12. visio says:

    Boring and washed up

  13. visio says:

    Get this sellout off here damn it what a waste

  14. Mister Mister says:

    Sexual chocolate!

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