Bria Myles, Elizabeth Pimentel, Yaris Sanchez, Keyshia Ka’oir Headed To The Club

· June 10, 2013


Vixens Bria Myles, Elizabeth Pimentel, Yaris Sanchez, Keyshia Ka’oir headed to the night club over the weekend. Bria’s waistline is the smallest I ever seen it. Who do you think looked the best?

Yaris Sanchez

Elizabeth Pimentel
Elizabeth Pimentel_ru423qo1_500

Keyshia Kior

Bria Myles
bria_myles_ru423qo1_1280 Bria_Myles_2u0o1_1280 Bria_Myles_1280


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Discussion38 Comments

  1. Playboy69 says:

    Yaris for the Win…..Team Fairytales STRONG

  2. seanjohn100 says:

    ill go with beth

  3. Bob says:

    Brian Myles look like a zombie. Her face is just so gaunt and long, look like someone tried to pull a mister fantastic with her face. Sometimes weight loss actually makes a person looks worse. Her face was so much fuller, and rounder before (among other things if you catch my drift). A damn shame what the white boy done convinced her to do.

  4. Yaris..what else is is the bag H?

  5. President Ward says:

    I’ll give this post a D+

  6. blizzy says:

    bria needs a sandwich ASAP the kini pic looks good the pic in the blue ooutfit she looks terrible…. Keyshia actually looks good (none of that clown sh*t going on)

  7. 850 says:

    Bria doesn’t looks the same. Sniff, sniff, damn shame how she let herself go. I don’t even care about her dating outside her race. I wish she would of still kept all that thickness when I first landed eyes on her. SMH well she’s out of my top 10 list. The old Bria was leading the TC women back in da days. Well Starya come get my #1 crown.

    • I personally think bria looks great here @850. She isn’t the “cornbread fed” thick bria of old anymore but she still has a banging body…just smaller!! That backshot of her in the blue shows she still has azz. And look at her flat stomach & tiny waist in that bikini….I’m banging lil bria hard LOL. I’d rather a chick get smaller than her getting fat……which is what happens to most thick women of color!

      Teamchocolate still garbage tho….old bria or new bria yall still weak. Yall placing all yall bets on Brianna bette…she gon fall short too against us lmao!! #MGC

      • 850 says:

        @B-strait I gotta see her face to face in order for me to agree with your statement. But I can tell you this tho I will still give her the bizness. Another note these are not her best pics. So I will wait for the others to drop in.

        @P.Ward I wouldn’t say all that but you might be right.

        @Cakes horseface? Naw Bria never had a horseface. You said the samething about Lastarya. And she’s very beautiful and sexy. Now horse face in my opinion will be Yaris sorry.

    • President Ward says:

      @850 that’s called low-self esteem my dude.

    • Cakes(what we doin') says:

      I agree with bstrait i think Bria looks good here her body is in proportion now.. the reality is she’s just not cute(horseface) and when she got skiny yall eyes were drawn away from her butt to other places lol… She’s funny built all her fat goes to the bottom so if she gets to “thick” she’ll start to look unbalanced again skinny girl on top fat girl on the bottom and that ish did not look good

      • queso (The Corp) says:

        I use to think Bria was mad pretty…not sure wth happened.

        • @queso, I still think she looks decent tho,its just her face has lost some weight too. She still would get approached by me on the streets LOL.

          @cakes, horseface??? Wow LOL…too harsh!

          • Bob says:

            Cakes is a female so she aint blinded by the booty like we is. Bria face is long and gaunt and lookin real tough (horseface, LMAO!). I would smash no doubt. But the Bria before? Before her fall from heavenly thick grace? I would WIFE. Don’t give a damn if she turn fat, in long term relationship we both gon get old and ugly anyway, LOL. I want to enjoy super booty!

  8. Yaris.. Uallreadyno!

  9. Cakes(what we doin') says:

    Keyshia would slay all these girls and 98% of the other uurban models..if she would just get rid of the stupid azz hairdo..keyshia youre pretty enough and your foot is already in the door so you dont have to rely on that gimmick-y hair and clown outfits anymore… you know what i always forget she is Jamaican that explains ALOT Lmao..

  10. MoorDetroitRed says:


  11. Realtalkin says:

    Keyshia got this, just remember sometimes that less is more

  12. DustyJux says:

    Brian’s back…..damn!

  13. jfizzle says:

    Nice post, @ bstrait, I have to agree with you regarding Bria, on a similar note has anyone seen Disnee lately. I was on mediatakeout, (my bad Hahz) 2day and she is a fitness model now, all sexyness gone

  14. 828jeffe says:

    Looks like Bria is playing with her nose. She looks sickly

  15. DustyJux says:

    *Bria! Da fuss

  16. Bob says:

    I would rock Keyshia Kaoir. Yall sleep on her cause she go overboard with the makeup but that butt strong (and real) tho.

  17. damnshame says:

    Damn Bria got back to tha darkness girl cause you aint lookin good in the light (white) food eat

  18. RED(Corp) says:

    Yaris still fine

    Elizabeth Pimentel has potential

    Keyshia body is official but she need to get rid of all the costumes

    Bria Bria Bria………smh fell off

  19. ginoBrown says:

    lol at dudes rolling with plastic Yaris…give me Elizabeth…and honorable mention Kaoir cause she working that dress very well.

    • Playboy69 says:

      @gino…Joke is on you…Cuz Yaris Sanchez got the most votes so far & is winning this post!….IT’S TEAM FAIRY TALES STRONG!

  20. Cold and Hot says:

    Damn Bria used to be the queen of dat pear shape frame, now she all skinny and sh!t I ain’t feelin new Bria.

    I told yall about Keyshia Dior, she was always bad she tops in this post.

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